MASCHINE 2.0 SW Useful Keyboard Shortcuts (Computer Keyboard/Mouse)

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There is a brilliant KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS video by Barry Daniel Music, with a Maschine 2 software shortcuts PDF download for both Apple/Microsoft, by Barry Felipe Music.

Thanks Barry! Navigating the software with computer keyboard/mouse will be more efficient now with this!

Checked the official N.I support for a shortcuts list, not sure if I missed anything, to my surprise there was no official simplified list of shortcuts for Maschine 2 on the support page.

I briefly read the official Maschine software manual, it does mention some shortcuts such as adjusting the position and zoom factor in the software, Play from start, Undo, Redo, multiple Clips can be selected using click-and-drag or by holding [cmd],

Now my question is, will Maschine introduce custom shortcut keys, so we can set a single key as a shortcut, further improving the flow!

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