Privacy concerns (NA 3.3.1)

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I have some privacy concerns/questions about Native Access 3. When I refer to the Data Privacy Policy the official one is meant:

  1. The software accesses, and This is not mentioned in your privacy policy. Which data is transferred to Google? (apart from authentication - if applicable)
  2. What for is the domain accessed?
  3. What for is the domain accessed?
  4. Why does the NTKDeamon use the Google DNS ( DNS configuration should be left to the network where the software is used.
  5. Upon first starting the software the user is informed about data collection procedures. Why is it OPT-OUT and not as usual OPT-IN?

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  • Kubrak
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    I guess, that 4) is to prevent someone to use DNS server that provides wrong IP address on purpose. One could get in and tell wrong info about licences and so....

    2) and 3) could be NI authentification servers.....

    Just guessing.

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