Maschine Corrupted file, Anyway to salvage?

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Hey guys been working on a project for a couple weeks and maschine suddenly froze today and must have corrupted my file because anytime i try to open up maschine the interface wont load. So i have to go and choose a different project to get maschine to load up and it simply will not load that particular project. Is there anyway to salvage that file? Not really sure if i even remember how to get to the point i left off in the project so thats why i ask if there is any hope. Thanks guys



  • Kubrak
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    I do not know of any way.... Maybe someone from NI could look at the corrupted file and save as much content from it as possible....

    It is too late for you now, but it is advisable to save versions of projects, so that if one gets corrupted (or you made changes and do not like them, and want to roll back to previous version) you may use older version and so loose just part of work....

    I do it like that. ProjectXY_001, ProjectXY_002, and so on. Or you may use date stamp ProjectXY_220329_1.

    It is also good to backup projects from PC to external disc. Or two, three.... depending on importance...

    New version of Maschine will have some kind of autosave function.

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    your completely right thanks much. i will be doing that from now on. complete ****** this file got corrupted for clicking save.

  • ozon
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    Try to open an NI Support ticket on their website. They might be interested in learning the file got corrupted and also might be able to salvage the intact parts of the project.

    BTW, a solid backup system is the only safe method to avoid data loss on the long run. Hard disks (or SSDs) do fail, the question is not whether but when.

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    I got similar problem that started couple days ago just suddenly. I were working on a project, loaded different file and when I was going back to first one it doesnt open but Maschine 2 freezes to "initialaizing gui". I can open Maschine after reinitialize its database ( and it works fine but that certain project file doesnt open and Maschine freezes again if I try. Little bit later I found out that there are four different project files among my projects wich freeze. Same problem if I use previous versions of the project from backup drive. I only use NI plugins. Opened a ticket to NI support, lets see if they can help me.

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