Uninstall Absynth Presets/Previews from Maschine Browser

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Hi Im on a Mac M2 chip OS 13.3. Im running the latest version of native access and Maschine. I followed all the instructions to uninstall absynth in this article:


but it's presets still appear in the Maschine browser and when I click on them I get this error message

P.S. I want to say sorry for the constant feature suggestions and nagging on the forums for the past couple years. Im a little sad about absynth, but I never realized the scope of the issue for M1 and M2 compatibility when making comments on feature suggestions in general or the lack of features in Maschine until I switched to an M1 computer. I will still post feature suggestions but I will try to be more understanding with the developers. I look forward to the future of native instruments and Maschine software. ✌️



  • Sunborn
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    This means that even though you uninstall Absynth, its content library is still in your disc.

    Unfortunately i don't have a Mac, but on Windows, the Absynth content path was at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments

    You should check on the relative Mac folder to find the Absynth content and delete it.

    If you having trouble finding the folder (or if those presets are on different location than the default) then try this little "trick": Copy the name of one preset (best is to use some unique name), then use "Search" on your local disc. It will find it, thus you will find the folder easily. 😉

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Make sure to rescan the Library and the Plug-Ins in your Maschine preferences. Then if even after uninstalling Absynth totally and the rescan, you can reset the database:

    1. Go to the following location on your computer:
    2. Macintosh HD > Users > *Your User Name* > Library > Application Support > Native Instruments
    3. Note: The User Library folder is hidden. See this article for instructions to access hidden macOS folders.
    4. Search through the Native Instruments folder at this location to find the Maschine 2 folder.
    5. Delete only the Maschine 2 folder found here.

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