i managed to get the S4mk1 controller working on a M1mac (midi mode only)

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with a windowsPC or latop you can basically network your S4mk1 to send midi signal over to your m1 using RTPmidi on the PC side and utilising the midi network setup on the M1.

dont know if this is practical or not... but it is possible to still utilise the S4mk1 controller in midi mode to operate traktor pro 3 on the M1

my initial test was carried out using:

Bomes midi pro for the virtual ports necessary to be received on the M1Mac

Traktor was not required to be running on the PC... only that you could access midi mode (shift+browse)for the midi signals!!

how practical this is... im not entirely sure.. as it requires a mapping to be done and i suspect some work within controller editor on the PC side... but it works

Edit: mapping can carried out on the M1 mac side inside traktor pro 3, only the controller editor side would need to be done on the PC side(changing CC's etc)

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