Will the Bluetooth module mounted inside Maschine+ ever be activated?

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There is a thread from January showing Maschine+ already mounts a Bluetooth module.

Since I know not all threads in the forum get read by NI stuff (specially developers), I thought to make a Feature Request to see if we can have an official answer about it being there just because the module with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth was cheaper to mount or if NI has plans to allow us to use it (as I say in the thread, using my iPad cheap midi apps with my Akai MPC Live 2 and my Akai Force it’s a pleasure, but using them with Maschine, which I prefer, would even be better…and it would partially solve some requests users are doing from years, like not being able to use in Maschine apps like Scaler 2…or any other midi VST). Since it’s already there, I don’t think it would take a BIG effort to activate it

Thank you in advance


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    They sent out a feedback form that was full of BT stuff, and still did absolutely nothing (As expected) and they can't even get feature parity with desktop Maschine, which would seem pretty important, so I wouldn't hold my breath.

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    Still no info about BT inside Maschine Plus? That's funny to be honest. 🐱😆

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