proof of concept, one mouse area, one multidisplay, one synth

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I wanted to show you the current state of my big project, maybe get some feedback and ideas, discussions.

I could also describe some basic functions if there is interest. There are a lot of mechanics that might be interesting for people.

I also will use this thread to announce updates and get opinions.

be sure to read the description:



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    also big thanks the @Quietschboy for ACEW!

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    Next update is ready!

    Update history


    - added multiplication of fader increment

    - added right mouse operation for faders

    - added fine tuning for faders

    - added central display of parameter names and values

    - added multilayer editing, see Sequencer 1 edit A&B

    - added univerasal ID. Now every graphical element can be modified by up to 4 data entries. Example: Note name display inside the piano roll editor. See snap 001, change root note. It can be modified by the zoom, the edit switch, the root note fader and the note edit.

    - fixed display of note names in the piano roll editor

    - fixed (finished) numerical readout

    - some minor fixes and improvements

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