Instaling NATIVE ACCESS on Imac 2020 with Monterey 12.1

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Hello i wanted to ask about how to properly install all the plugins or VST from komplete ultimate, onto the iMac with Monterey, i firstly wanted to install all, by simply clicking on this option but it showed me i need about 1 terrabyte more, well i have 1 TB SSD disk in there, so i was confused at the beggining, later i did some knowledge and i found out that complete installation needs some extra space only for time of installation, so you can install it simply each by one...

Still i wanted to be sure, it will all be where it should be, so i did some more research on the topic, and found out that you can easily change the location of installation, but you should install content on seperate disk, so here are few questions, i would like to know about this

1) if i have one terrabyte internal disk, it is better to partion it or create volume(what is exact difference between this two?)and install it here? So it is good to have there only this NI content files, no different music files? Why is that?

2)Is better to install all the VSTs and Plugins to internal drive or external ssd disk? Well i got 1TB SSD drive, but about 250 gb will i use for my samples and files, so when i install it on the internal drive i will have like 750 gb used, i thought it will be better to have it installed straight to internal drive, but my brother told me otherwise, so i want to know, what are your thoughts on this...

3)also NI speaks about some kind of case-sensitive formats of disks, well how do i get to know if my is that one? Because i have system in czech language and it shows me different words, than i see in NI support topic page, so i am posting video with detailed info about my HD, can someone give me some info on all this things...

Thanks alot Dalibor



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    Hi @Dalibor241

    1) I wouldn't mess with that tbh. 😅 There might be issues with Native Access trying to find your content further down the line.

    2) You can also install Kontakt libraries on an external drive, and the rest on your internal drive. This article is pretty useful:

    How Can I Share the KOMPLETE Content Between Several Computers Using An External Hard Drive?

    3) Yes we've seen some issues with people having "special characters" in their username/drive name in the past (like MichaŁ), so perhaps you can change it just to be on a safe side?

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