Apple announced Logic Pro coming to iPad.. time for BIG rethink of KK and other NI products

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Well it has finally become public knowledge.. Apple is bringing Logic Pro to iPad.

This can offer a tremendous opportunity for NI to finally move on a smart, fast, forward path.

Forget trying to put "too much" of a music production rig within their controllers themselves.

Let the iPad Pro provide the display and brains. Optimize the controller design to fit the software.. NOT the other way around.



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    NI better get onboard ASAP or get left far, far behind.

    Their old concepts of product design are dead.

    I hope for their sake that various NI development teams have had communications with Apple over the past year and have been preparing for this easily predictable event.

    I hope the next generation of hardware from NI has been delayed for this very reason.. a whole new conceptualization of what these devices need to be to keep up with rapid evolution of features and capabilities.

  • nightjar
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    From Apple's release:

    Roundtrip Compatibility

    Easily move your Logic Pro projects between Mac and iPad to create in the studio or out on the road.

    Audio Unit Extensions

    Tap into compatible third‑party instruments and effects right in your Logic Pro projects. Download apps from top developers like Eventide, FabFilter, and Moog Music on the App Store.

    Studio Hardware

    Plug in your favorite gear using compatible third‑party audio interfaces, MIDI interfaces, and controllers from leading manufacturers like Apogee, Focusrite, Novation, Universal Audio, and more.

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    SWAM instruments from Audio Modeling are ready to go in the AUv3 format to run on iPad.

    No need for huge sampled libraries...

    NI needs to get on board ASAP

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    Communication between NI development teams and Apple:

    ”Hey, we will remove our basic iMaschine app from AppStore, give an official statement that it is for checking compatibility with os. Then after 8 months of silence we’ll say we will give another official statement soon. And remain in silence for some other months again. Is that ok for you?” 😂😂😂

    But maybe I’m wrong and all this secret is because they knew of logic on iPads and they were secretly preparing an iMaschine+ compatible with all the controllers…😏 (sometimes it’s nice to lie to ourselves too 😂😂😂)

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    And the full Pianoteq 8 is now available, Synthmaster 2, Korg has some of their stuff out - AudioLayer is also a brilliant sampler, Fabfilter Pro-Q and reverb etc, Sugar Bytes Effectrix all running on auv3 via iPad.

    NI are going to be left behind…..

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    What puzzles me.... How one transfers projects from Mac to iPad if developer does not provide iPad version?

    And if one wants to use Eventide plugins on iPad (by far not all available, just very few....), one has to buy them again.... :-(

    No such obstacles on Win. One may use any DAW that runs on Win and use any plugin that runs on Win.

    Yes, it would be fine, if Win developers updated their applications with touch devices in mind. I am pretty sure, it will come. One day...

    Another question is, if it is reasonable to do anything more than sketching or isolated subtasks not needeng large screen and multifader control surfaces solely on iPad like devices.... Time will tell.

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    I just find it laughable to think any kind of SERIOUS studio work could be done on a tablet of any sort. What's the point of having a portable, but limited device when you have to cart around a ton of additional external devices to actually be able to create a legit production? I have no doubt it could be useful to sketch out ideas, but a full production??? I'll believe it when I see it.....

  • Mutis
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    Apple sales it as "Studio on the go" companion but full production has been made before...

    I will say "try it by yourself" but you probably aren't the target for that product which isn't anything wrong neither but the same quotation could be used for M+ and almost the iPad can handle Waves Audiounits among others...

    Just sayin'

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    ‘And if one wants to use Eventide plugins on iPad (by far not all available, just very few....), one has to buy them again.... :-(‘

    Pianoteq have the best solution - if you have a license for the desktop version it licenses the iOS version too (it uses 1 of your 3 device activation slots, but 1 activation on iOS covers all your iOS devices)

    Moog is good too - if you buy the iOS versions they also run on desktop for free

    So it doesn’t have to be ‘buy twice’

  • Kubrak
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    OK, iPad users have finaly something vaguely aproaching to what Win users already have for many years. Few more years and they will be in the same position like Win users.

    It is good that competition works and Apple is slowly catching up.

  • nightjar
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    What Pianoteq, Moog are doing will emerge as the dominant practice. Buy once will be the norm.

  • Hebreww
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    I think I'm going to become a Logic Pro user. Native instruments does not treat me very well and I feel I am coming to stagnation as a music producer and that is bad for my Development. I hope native instruments comes to reason and makes good decision.

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    Soooooo, no one remembers how long it took for vendors to make silicon/M1 version of their plugins. Now Apple expects vendors to have the resources to create an iOS version? R&D budget?? You'll need an M1 (please dont use the intel) iPad with at least 125GB of storage and 16gb of ram. Oh wait... you can plug in an external SSD. If it's anything like FCP users are finding out, you can't edit from the drive so you'll blow through the space on the internal. Until serious vendors jump onboard its GarageBand with a UI change and a few gimmicky features. Time will tell

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    It is reasonable. And already doable, no need to wait for time to tell it. I don’t want to list everything now, but it’s enough to say that Cubasis on iPad is not THAT far from Cubase on Pc. Or Beatmaker 3 not THAT far from Maschine. (Well, they are, but you can do things on them…and MANY things…arguable, but BM3 sampler is even better than Maschine’s one)

    And about multi faders control surfaces… Is not that secondary… enough to say that the motorized faders on my Presonus StudioLive 24 don’t get touched too much, since usually I use more the Presonus UC Surface app to regulate them. Or even better, the ones in Studio One. Why should I go on them one by one with a mouse when I can use up to 10 fingers on Studio One RC to raise them?

    And apps like TouchAble Pro or Lemur (or the aforementioned Studio One RC) makes the menu diving in PCs a lot less painful. Try to build a Reaktor controller in Lemur with XY pads, faders, knobs, buttons,… and you’ll see how much more Reaktor will feel like using an instrument. Or a Maschine/ Maschine+ controller on Loopy Pro (I’m very proud and very satisfied by the ones I built)

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    Luckily you can already see it. And luckily some professionals instead of laughing just pick up their iPads and produce, like Damon Albarn producing a full Gorillaz album on iPad (several years ago now, when the apps that existed weren’t even close to what we have now) or Madlib using iPad to make the beats of Bandana. Or Henny Tha Bizness not only using it, but also making a series of videos to promote it as a music production tool.

    One of most iconic Dancehall riddims (Under Me Sleng Teng) was produced on a Casio MT-40. People were laughing at Noel Davey using such a toy keyboard. Well…the riddim is the most reinterpreted in history, the guy is still earning money with royalties 38 years after. And documentaries are made about it. Who is laughing now?

    And Melodica is considered an instrument to give to a child. Well…somebody must say it to Augustus Pablo, cause he doesn’t agree…

    If you are a SERIOUS musician, you make music even with 2 spoons…

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