Is Reaktor 6.5 changing how ensembles work?

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I found an issue with ensembe that I have created long time ago with earlier version of Reaktor, I'm not 100% sure if it's my bug or 6.5 changed how Reaktor works internally. I'm positive my ensembles used to work fine, it would be quite strange that I didn't notice this issue before the upgrade to 6.5.

Does anyone else experience changes of ensemble behaviour after upgrade to 6.5?

BTW, is there a way to downgrade to 6.4.x to test my ensembles and rule 6.5 out?



  • colB
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    Hard to say what the problem is when there is no description of the issue, or attached ensemble :(

    There have been various changes over the years that have broken some older ensembles, usually because they had errors in the code that didn't fully break it with earlier version, but did with later ones.

    It's happened to me a few times over the years, and was always an error in my code !

    It might not be this time, but like I said, it's impossible for anyone to help with no code to debug!

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