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Hey everyone I'm exodus91 I'm having a serious issue with native instruments for some reason every time I try to load an instrument on the software it says error and can't load because of my plugins but will load my drums one shots certain sounds and loops but can't use my hybrid keys analog dreams or any other actual instrument someone plz help me I know so much but for once I'm stumped I've uninstalled this 2 times already and nothing is working but when I run the standalone vst everything works plus now all my sounds keep disappearing every few weeks or when I use my native gear a lot someone plz help me no lie native is the best but I need to get past these software issues if u see this and can help lmk here. plz someone anyone help!!!!!


  • Blindeddie
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    If it is saying “Plugin not found” when loading an “instrument”, it means that the Kontakt Plugin is not properly registered. Before I go further, please list your OS, and the app you are using that is giving you the error.

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    Hi @exodus91 can you give us more info like what error message you received and what do you mean by "sounds keep disappearing every few weeks"?

    Also you posted in the Maschine forum. Are you using Maschine as well?

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