Normal time for response from Support after they request info and I provide it.

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I submitted a request for help and received a response early this morning asking that I provide an invoice and pictures of the devices I bought. Although I submitted all the info within about a half hour of the request, it has been 8 hours without any acknowledgment that it was received. I am just curious if they normally acknowledge when they receive correspondence once the ticket is open? I am guessing they are double checking with the previous owner, but I submitted the invoice showing that I purchased the items at auction. It just seems odd that there is no reply saying if they are looking into it today since they sent me an email early this morning, or if it will be a week or so to complete the request.


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    Just keep in mind that they may not be in your time zone. But generally they are fairly responsive. It's just a matter of whether or not they can get the previous owner to agree to a hardware license transfer. Pawn shops can be notoriously troublesome for these kind of purchases because the company has to make sure that the original hardware wasn't stolen according to the previous owner.

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    Thank You for the reply. I am assuming they are in the same general time zone as North America because that was asked when I submitted the request. The devices I bought at auction were donated to a charity, so I doubt they were stolen and then given to a charity! I hear your logic though. It doesn't make sense for the previous owner to deny transfer once they get rid of the devices or the software since they retain a copy and the new owner gets a resale copy of the software. They most likely are using a more expensive device that came with another copy of the software for it. I am talking about a Maschine Mikro MKII & Mikro MKIII I bought together. Most likely they moved up to the full size MKIII or the Plus.

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    I doubt NI even contact the previous owner. In my case they didn’t. They just gave me a new serial. That’s all

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    I am new to NI, but I started with a Maschine MKI the beginning of this year, that had the CD's and box I bought off a music store on Ebay. I submitted a support ticket a bit differently than I did this time, but basically the same scenario. From the serial number I gave them, they knew the name of the original owner and the owner released the software package, even though I never met or interacted with the original owner. It just seemed like the technician was able to resolve the issue and automatically added the new serial numbers to my account that same day it seemed, but I may have already submitted the invoice during the original support request since I went a different route when filling out the support wizard questions. I believe the policy is to contact the registered account holder and if unsuccessful in contacting them, they may just give a duplicate like they did for you without the license transfer. I bought a white mikro mk2 with the license transfer and that was seamless, but I keep buying more units that I do not need and that is why I am looking to get more codes so I can gift a couple to my little cousins.

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    @NativeAmerican Once the ticket is open you don't get notified if we received your reply or not, you can safely assume it is received. The agent will reply when he's able to. Keep in mind that the agent could be in a different time zone and that they have a lot of requests to process.

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    Thanks, I was trying to figure out if I should be waiting for the response or how long I should wait for a response. You are correct about the time zone difference. The response from support did come at about Midnight to 2am in my time zone. I was assuming they were in a different time zone and not realizing when to expect a response. I was not sure if I sent all of the information requested and was just trying to find out if I needed to send more info.

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