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I just installed native access 2 and it said I need to install NTKdaemon. I use Mac, it showed up in my system preferences as an item to open at login. I decided to not have it open at login, is this bad? Also every time I open native access it asks me to put in my password to "install dependencies." Can anyone explain this for me?


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    NTK daemon is practically mandatory. The fact that you denied it to be opened at computer startup is probably the reason it ask you the password and installation, since when you open NA it needs daemon.

    If you want, have a read at the DevTalks they just did lately, but it’s not a reassuring reading:

  • Distressed Motion
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    Yeah it doesn't ask again to be opened at login. It asks for my password for installation when I start it, but it opens just fine and I can access my files. It also starts up in a rather short amount of time. Thank you again for the help!

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