Sick to death of Native Access inability to relocate libraries

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How can NI not address such a simple thing as the ability to relocate libraries?? It is absurd that the function does NOT show up in the options for every single library ALWAYS.

And FF sake, ASK for the install location when adding a new library. I don't need my Sonixinema library installed in my Cinesamples folder.

This is common sense, not rocket science.




  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,095 Expert

    I do not want NI to ask me at each library install! Different users, different needs.... ;-)

    You may set the instalatin path in settings beforehand, if you desire. Also, you may move individual libraries manually and then use Locate Library in NA to direct it to a new location.

    I agree with you, that it would be handy to have single lib relocation in NA. AFAIK it is planned in future...

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