Sick to death of Native Access inability to relocate libraries

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How can NI not address such a simple thing as the ability to relocate libraries?? It is absurd that the function does NOT show up in the options for every single library ALWAYS.

And FF sake, ASK for the install location when adding a new library. I don't need my Sonixinema library installed in my Cinesamples folder.

This is common sense, not rocket science.




  • Kubrak
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    I do not want NI to ask me at each library install! Different users, different needs.... ;-)

    You may set the instalatin path in settings beforehand, if you desire. Also, you may move individual libraries manually and then use Locate Library in NA to direct it to a new location.

    I agree with you, that it would be handy to have single lib relocation in NA. AFAIK it is planned in future...

  • lahatte
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    I am curious how you organize your libraries if you use the same install location each time you install. Can you elaborate?

    When I was first using NA it took me a little head scratching to figure out how to select the install location in NA, since it does not use a typical approach. And, because the setting is hidden, I still forget sometimes to change that hidden path setting, and the library gets installed in the wrong place.

  • Kubrak
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    I keep NI things in one folder and each of other companies in their folders. And within NI folder I have extra folders for Expansions and Masive Expansions.

    One could do it even more fine, but I do not need it.

    One may either change the instalation folder and then install all that should go there. And so on.

    Or install it all to folder, where most should be, and than move it to location of desire. And after that use repair in NA and instruct where moved libraries are located, one by one.

    Usually, I combine the both approaches.

  • Vocalpoint
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    Agree with Kubrak. If you set a standard directory in NA2 immediately after installing it - like in my case S:\Libraries\Native Instruments - where S is my 2TB sample drive - NA2 handles it ALL (from Kontakt libraries to Expansions to any third party libraries) from here on out.

    There is no asking, no worries, no nothing to wonder about. It all just works.

    Q: Why wouldn't I want ALL things managed by NA2 to be in the Native Instruments folder on my Samples drive?

    Everytime I see one of these threads I am scratching my head. Unless of course your drive layout is so cramped that you feel the need to handhold every install so you do not run out of space - but that is easily fixed by spending a few bucks on some super cheap large SSD/NvME drives and then set it and forget it.


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