Kontakt 5 3rd Party libraries showing not activated on Ventura, but are on K6 &K7 player

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Building up a new rig from scratch. Mac Studio Ultra Ultra on OS 13.3.1. Libraries were activated via Native Access 3.3.1 Entered serial numbers with no issues, located libraries and NA confirmed path. Launch K5 (5.8.1) and libraries show "Activate" button on upper right hand corner in the library window. K6 and K7 does not have this issue. Same behavior in DAW or stand alone. Is it possible to drag over authorization file from old rig? I would like to be able to load old sessions with K5. Thank you!

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  • JesterMgee
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    It's likely that Kontakt 5 is no longer compatible with the latest macOS version, especially M1 macs. You would have to switch to using Kontakt 6 and eventually, Kontakt 7 if you want to use the latest macOS versions.

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    Hi @lkingnyc

    @JesterMgee 's assumption about compatibility is correct. Kontakt 5 is not officially supported on macOS 12 or higher, or on M1 systems.

    However, it could theoretically be possible to get it running correctly again by following these steps:

    GUITAR RIG 5, KONTAKT and SUPER 8 R2 Open as Demo Versions on Apple Silicon / M-Systems

    Please let us know if the steps worked for you.

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    This did not help me. Kontakt 5 still shows activate on all libraries even after replacing native access with the older 3.2.3 and refreshing . anything else to try as I need Kontakt 5 for some older projects? It was working a couple weeks ago before NA got updated again automatically.

    Ventura M2 Macstudio

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