Setting up Digitone, Ableton and Maschine

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Hi there, i want to share a quick question through my expierences i used to have lately.

I use the Maschine MK3 as a Plugin in Ableton Live. Routing sounds into Ableton mainly the Drum Synths. I use an external Audio Interface, where i connected the Audio to Digitone. The Digitone goes via MIDI Cable into the Maschine. Without using Overbridge Plugin.

Its no Problem when i use Maschine as an Standalone with its Software to play the four Tracks of the DN in the MK3.

But i want to Digitone through Maschine in Ableton.

Is there any expierence, besides the fact that is a bit of a complicating setup?

Thank you.


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    Hum... I think it's the other way around since the Digitone is mainly a Synth, using a synth to sequence seems odd when both Ableton and Maschine are more capable sequencers (?)

    I think if you just change the "MIDI To" in the Ext Instruments on that Drum Rack to simply send MIDI to the Digitone instead of back into the Maschine-Plug it should work, If you want to do it via the MIDI DIN of the MK3 then select it's Port there. The Digitone will need to be aware of the MIDI channels used of course.

    To hear back the Digitone you would need to connect it's Audio Outs to the IN's of your interface and have an Audio track in Ableton armed with the correct IN's.

    This should work to be able to send MIDI from MAS-Plug into the Digitone and hear things back. Let me know if it works, if not there are other approaches you can try.


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