Quick midi mapping of knobs for current Ableton plugin

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I am a beginner in Ableton, trying to figure an efficient workflow with a Komplete Kontrol M32.

I'd like to use knobs when configuring plugins or instrument in Ableton.

Right now my workflow is:

  • Shift + "Plug-in midi"
  • Enable midi learn
  • Assign a knob to a control in Ableton

It's powerful but not very smooth, I'd like instead to be able to control automatically the "current" plugin with knobs, if that makes sense.

For instance when using Komplete Kontrol, the workflow with the knobs is way more intuitive, they automatically control the current instrument. I'd like to have the same behaviour for Ableton plugins.

Is that possible? Or maybe I am missing some concepts here?

Thanks for your help!


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    If I understand what you are asking...which I think I do...🤪, this vid may help!!!

  • Buscape
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    Yes exactly!! Thank you

    In Ableton 11 you don't need the InputName and OutputName values, simply setting the right values for encoders works perfect.

    Only limitation: it doesn't seem possible to get the control name to display on the Komplete Kontrol, that's probably too complex

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