How do i fix the audio jumping? this seems to only happen when i buy songs from iTunes.

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As said in the title, whenever i buy a song from iTunes, traktor pro does not seem to like it. the audio spikes up and down. it is visible in the wave format. when i buy a song from beatport it runs perfectly fine. this just started happening one day out of the blue. at first i thought it was the m4a format because when i convert the file to mp3 it sounds fine, but worse quality.

Does anyone have a fix for my issue?

thank you?



  • Courier4267
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    This is a known problem related to the latest Windows 11 Security patch.

    Quote from

    Known Issues that we’re working on:

    M4a files that have been bought on iTunes have Volume issues on Windows since the last security Windows 11 update.

    The solutions are either, as you already mentioned, to convert the files to another format or downgrade to windows 10.

    Some have reported that a rollback of the security patch (current: 22H2, previous: 22H1) also helps.

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