S4 mk3 and Kontrol X1: Possible to use S4 for remix decks or stems?

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Hi there people,

I have an s4 mk3 and like the mixer section I also love the Kontrol X1 I have just bought 2 I wanted to use the s3 for the mixer and the Kontrol X1's as the decks A-B C-D and use the s4 mk3 decks for either remix decks or stems etc is this possible, I also have a Z1 but use that with my ipad - I also have 3 x CDJ's Pioneers and Allen & heath DB4 and a denon prime go, I am now just sticking to Traktor for all my setups and have plans for each scenario, I also bought an s2 mk3 just for giggles... all I am looking to do is scale out that s4 mk3 and the kontrol X1's any pictures advice or anything would be greatly received.

Cheers, Robert,


  • LostInFoundation
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    You should be able to tell the s4 to control (or Kontrol ☺️) the remix decks. What is not working?

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