Komplete Audio 6 MK1 - BSOD on Windows 11

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I've been having an issue with my audio interface over the past few months, and it's gotten to a point where I simply cannot use it anymore due to the risk of losing work.

Every so often, most commonly when large amounts of system resources are being used, my computer will blue screen with the code DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION. Looking into the memory dump with WinDbg has led me to conclude that this is caused by the Native Instruments driver (nika6usb). Furthermore, when the interface is unplugged, no blue screens occur.

The audio interface works great otherwise and I'd love to keep using it, but I can't have it causing blue screens randomly.


OS: Windows 11 22H2

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x

RAM: 64GB DDR4 3200Mhz

I'm using the latest driver (from 2015) and the interface has the latest firmware.



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    I would have a check at NTK Daemon also as the possible culprit, not only the Audio 6 driver. This one is a new thing from NI constantly running on your computer, while the driver, as you said, is from 2015 so if it wasn’t causing this problem till now, why would it has started acting differently?

    Maybe the new (and already flagged as problematic) Daemon is interacting with your computer when you use the audio interface (hence why without the interface plugged in the problem doesn’t occur).

    Just an hypothesis since both your problem and the Daemon are brand new

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    Does your KA6 MK1 work fine on other computers? It may be faulty in some way.

    And, also you write, that BSOD happens only when many resources are used. It may be so, that something else (HW/SW) conflicts with KA6. And problem is in another part or just in combination of more parts of setup.

    "The DPC_Watchdog_Violation error occurs when the bug checker must wait for more than 100 microseconds without receiving a response from the deferred procedure call (DPC), causing the BSOD error and computer shutdown."

    There could be some kind of conflict and KA6 cannot acomplish its job because it is blocked by something else.... You might try to remove most of HW but KA6 and do the tests if it goes to BSOD or not. If not, try to add HW/SW one by one.

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    @nlaha Any update? Some users were kind enough to offer their help, it would be nice to get back.

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