Maschine not playing audio when watching youtube

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Is anyone else having issues where the MK3 is not playing audio when trying to watch youtube?

maybe i made a setting change that i didnt realize?



  • iNate
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    I only use the MK3 interface for Audio/Video Production software. I have my system set to the other sound card for everything else.

    The issue I have with the MK3 is that it freezes, as in, it doesn't let me input anything or enter MIDI Control (buttons stop working, effectively) until I power cycle it.

    Sucks when you realize this after firing up the software or your DAW, since you then have to shut everything down to reset the controller.

    Audio has generally been fine, but I don't use it the way you do. It can be because the ASIO driver has locked the audio? Or maybe the WDM driver is just buggy (not sure what OS you're running).

  • Madhumanity
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    It was working fine, i would sample audio from YouTube and could hear it running through Maschine then the past couple days it stopped. YouTube won't load a video, and if i power down the MK3, it instantly starts playing

  • Nico_NI
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    Maybe the drivers are not catching up somehow.

    Make sure to have the latest driver and firmware for your MK3 to see if it changes anything 👇

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