Will there ever be a new iMaschine

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Before I brought the Mikro my introduction the Native Instrument ecosystem was the iMaschine on my phone. I like it good to laydown some ideas on the go. Now that I have the Mikro sometimes I will do a loop and then go home exported to Maschine and finish it. I would like an update with more functionalities.



  • Mutis
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    Probably not.

    The actual strategy seems getting everything Apple Silicon ready and wait for Apple to bring a solution like merging OSs or something like that.

    BTW mikro was never class compliant afaik so NI never had in mind make it a companion for portable solution like iPad but just an entry level hardware controller.

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    There are many threads about iMaschine. They are not even answering to why they removed iMaschine2 from the AppStore or why the IAP shop isn’t working.

    They just made an “official statement” 8 months ago about being removed to “ensure compatibility”, but now, after 8 months, @Jeremy_NI has been so kind to ask the team to clarify the situation. But 2 weeks are gone…and no news on the front. It must take really a long thinking if in 2 weeks they didn’t manage to say “ok…let’s be honest with them and tell the app will never be back”…

    They never showed love to their apps for iOS… probably they did them to mesh some new users like you in their ecosystem (which is even fair…I show you a little bit of what you can do and then you’ll come to the desktop and buy something more from us…a not wrong at all strategy) but then decided to forget about it.

    Unluckily they were never intended as “hey, are you one of our users? We give you a companion app to start sketching things on the go and then finish them on the bigger thing”. Which in my opinion is a pity. It would have been really better if they did something like “if you own one of our hardwares/softwares you can unlock this app to help you with them” thing. In this way they would have had the sales they were after for their bigger products but also make users with their hardwares happy to have a companion to expand them

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    Yes but them mfi entera the arena…

    Apple requires mfi for those apps embedding HID drivers inside them and since NI pursues “create solutions that work like an instrument” (so closed garden with predefinied workflow) that meant 2 things:

    1- Hardware never gets fully class compliant on the midi side.

    2- Midi mode isn’t configurable (like they did with S-mk3 series)

    That’s how Traktor Z1 worked with Traktor dj original app. NI even updated s2/4mk2 to allow working with the app and also develop a cross platform library management based on it but something screwed it up and after that we got roadmap madness…

    iMaschine was different because “doubled teams” (sic) and strategy was nearly opposite more or less like nowadays where Traktor gets subscription, Maschine standalone… total mesh arising issues in all fronts.

    My hopes (for NI users since I lost all interest in the “ecosystem” time ago) are NI cleaning all the nosense and find their path whatever it’s going to be. ATM nobody is happy as you pointed and in my opinion is mostly to didn’t hear userbase or hear too much certain type of userbase instead researching better the issues. I will love to be wrong but only time will tell us.

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