Export/record MIDI from Reaktor ENS (Aerobic etc)

Graham C
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I have searched but no luck finding anything yet so maybe, sadly, this can't be done?

I want to record MIDI from some of Reaktor's grooveboxes etc, like Aerobic, so I can feed other VST's with the pattern. Is this not possible?


  • colB
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    There will only be MIDI out if the author decided to implement MIDI out.

    It would certainly be possible to modify an ensemble to add a midi output process, but it won't be a trivial thing to do, probably a good project for in intermediate builder.

    Each ensemble would require some reverse engineering to find out where all the relevant processes are, then some code to convert Pitches, gates and triggers to MIDI equivalents.

  • Paule
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    Inside the sequencer of Aerobic

    Blue marked macro: the upper 6 are the gates the lower 6 are pitches.

  • Graham C
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  • Paule
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    attached Aerobic MIDI Out

    Try to use the macro in other seqs you like.

  • Graham C
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    Thanks but for new version of Reaktor than I currently have license for.

  • Paule
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    What version do you drive? Reaktor 5?

    Reaktor 6 starts in autmn 2015. So it isn't a new version. It's 7½ year old. That's 3 quarters of R5th life.

    In the images I show you the content of a very simple macro. Please re-build it in R5. It isn't difficult. Right click on the background, a context menue opens, choice new macro. Step inside with a double click and press return for the search box. Type in MIDI out and choice pitch/gate midi out.

    Copy it and paste 5 times. Now there are 6 midi outs. Do the same with input. Name the input like the pic shows and set the connection to the midi out modules.

    Double click on the background of the macro. Now you're outside of the Midi Out macro.

    Set the connections from 1 .. 6 upper to G1 .. G6 and the lower to P1 .. P6. Well done.

    If it works you became a builder.

  • Studiowaves
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    Hi Grahm, I know what your asking and Reaktor is designed to both accept midi and send midi. You might need to upgrade if you want to be able to modify some ensembles or racks to send midi. Also for future reference, Reaktor does not work with system exclusive midi information. Currently it is the only type of midi information Reaktor does not allow that I am aware of. Personally I'm glad you brought this up. I can see the convenience of recording the midi from any sequencer. I assume you have an instrument that has a sequencer built in and they didn't bother to send the midi out and directed the sequence info to a sound producer of some sort. Basically if you want to add midi out, you should study the midi out modules in the library and attach them to the sequencers output where the sequencer sends the info to the internal sounds. Note that some ensembles have been locked and are not editable. So I'd check that first. Reaktor makes this type of thing very easy once you learn and that's what I like about it. It's really an awesome product and expertise comes with time, that's for sure. Have fun...

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