Best way to use Komplete sounds on stage, live?



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    Ok… if you think I assumed my solution was the only correct…ok…

    I am referring to the fact the post from Mistertoad17 is simply a different suggestion which he has taken some time to offer from his own experience and nothing I read in his answer is wrong at all, maybe a little different/complex for the application but it IS a solution and one I have used myself before, just fine, tho not on stage. You can sit an ipad on the keyboard to simply use it to do some of the stuff you need a computer for without having a computer on stage, just to make it look more professional, I know of others round here who have also done this kind of thing.

    I would place some trust in the OP to decide if that solution is maybe too complex for them to look into or not, but gives them (and others) maybe an idea off what else could be possible.

    He actually suggested to use which I have not heard of so that is something for me to check out.

    Please. I know playing the genius scientist can be fun, but…when you suggest something to someone asking for help, say things you know and not things you would like, moving in the science fiction field.

    That comes off as rather condescending since nothing he said is the stuff of "Science Fiction" at all, he seems to know that aspect quite well being in IT and has a vision of what could work. Now not saying that was your intent at all, but from this side of the screen that is how it reads and probably how the user has taken it given they seem to have flagged your post.

    in this forum there is plenty of incorrect answers by people speculating on everything and these lead to not so experienced users being confused 

    This is the comment where I see it that you feel your answers are the correct ones and a lot of others are just confusing the situation and making noise as if people can't figure things out for themselves and need someone to police all the correct stuff.

    Been here a long time myself and usually, if someone is confused they will ask a question and others will clarify, that is how communities work so don't feel you have to take on the burdon for how much others can/can't seem to understand, they are often smarter than you realise.

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    Since we are in a thread with very specific questions, can you answer them?

    Is it possible to manage Komplete sounds with (and store the sounds on) an iPad, linked to my Nord Stage ? Or are a dedicated computer and sound card mandatory during the shows ?

    Is there a way to 'store' the sounds in a Komplete Kontrol keyboard, and use it live on stage (for example with a midi to jak adapter) ?

    I can offer my opinion, sure.

    A small laptop tucked away with the screen closed would not be anything more to add on-stage than another FX pedal. An MK2 keyboard can utilise the ability to either assign tags or favourite marks to presets you wish to use, numbering of presets could be easily used to order them and then loading sounds can all be done from the keyboard, no need to even touch the laptop at all for a performance.

    Seems that is probably the most simple solution.

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    I am coming in late to this conversation. I use NI in my live setup. I will use multiple instances of Kontakt and Reaktor. I predominantly stream live so, it circumvents the need for an audio interface by looping the sound back in and then out again (Rogue Amobea - I could use the audio interface but it’s easier to cable that with the brilliant software from this company who write better code, for audio, than Apple).

    The set up however, uses a MacBook Pro, Logic Pro, a NI midi controller (the S61) and an iPad. I have also used, successfully, Maschine as my controller.

    I have only ever hit problems when Apple changed their chip and it has taken NI a scheduled roadmap to address this (my computer is both slower and glitchier than in 2008 when playing). Otherwise the set up can handle 5-6 instruments playing simultaneously. I am a solo artist so, I do not need to rely on the coordination of timing amongst a group of musicians. However, the point is you can use the instruments but often times building your set around compatible hardware and software makes a big difference. Well it did for me. And like others have said, a unique work-around is probably your best bet.

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    What would be the best way to layer sounds, if I play the piano, then wan't some strings, and after i don't need the strings anymore, if i just mute the track it will cut off instantly and not in a nice way like in a say Roland stage piano. How could I achieve this? I use Ableton Live with Kontakt on stage.

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    One way to do it could be to set up 2 midi tracks for an instrument.

    The first empty one will receive the midi from the controller and send it to the second one containing the instrument. In this way you could mute the first one (the midi won’t be received anymore from the controller) but the sound of the second one (the instrument) will continue

    Remember to turn Monitor in in the first track

    NO… wait…writing you this I found an even better way (probably)

    If you map the Monitor buttons you can disable the midi coming from the controller without muting the track. The only thing is that the mapped buttons cycle through the 3 options (In, Auto and Off). Therefore if you are on In, you must push the button 2 times to reach Off (and then one time to go back to In when you’ll need the instrument to be played again).

    So…1 single track for every instrument and 1 button for every track to toggle their monitoring on/off.

    The only thing to be aware is that if you have more than 1 instruments, it’s better to put the monitor on in or off. If you put multiple instruments on auto, one of them will not work

    I never thought of that! Thank you for making me reasoning on this ☺️

    Now you have two ways to achieve what you want 😉

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    Best way would be to use an instrument rack to load several instruments and then use the chain selector function to enable/disable each instrument, You can easily map that to a MIDI control to select which instrument is active and because the chain selector is adjustable across instances, you can set it so you can have 1, the other or both.

    Here is a quick example on how to use this setup, it can all be bundled and saved with effects in a single device for future use:

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