PC crashes or looses connection every 10-20 min when using Traktor Pro 3

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First of all, hi everyone :)

Im completly new to all of this DJ-making music etc. thingy, so pls excuse if I don´t get every term correctl, if there was another post for this issue or if I don´t understand some things at first.

I am running into a bit of a problem and it´s starting to get really frustrating.

I´ve very recently bought the Traktor kontrol S2 mk3 and the kontrol f-1. Unfortunatly tho, every 10-20 min my decks stop playing and the software says pls connection an Audio device. And then when I go to settings and chosse the same device I had used, It works properly again for the next 10-20 min. Appearently my PC looses connection to either the Asio Driver im using (I have the most recent ASIO driver installed), or it losses the connection to the hardware, or it´s something else, and I can´t figure out what causes it.

And sometimes it just straight up crashes my whole PC.

Im running WIN 10, AMD Ryzen 7 5800 X3D, Traktor Pro 3, Traktor kontrol S2 MK3


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    I'd check the hardware connections first. Try another USB port for the S2 and/or a different USB cable and see if that helps.

    Edit: It may also be a laptop power issue. If your computer switches between socket power and battery power, it's energy plan may switch as well, which may cause a hiccup. On that note, you should definitely check your energy plans. Maybe the plan makes your USB connections and other devices power down after a while. Set them all so no device ever gets turned off or switch to power saving.

    Also go into your device manager and set all USB hubs to never automatically be disabled by your computer's power plans.

    Also check this post: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/209571729-Windows-Tuning-Tips-for-Audio-Processing

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    @Slothbeatz Great CPU!

    It seems to me it might be that USB in PC go to sleep state or like. Or if you use USB hub, it might be some kind of problem with the hub.

    Also, I expect your PC has USBs of different kind/speed. Trying diffent ones might help....


    Do you also produce music? If yes I would like to know, if Kontak takes advantage of huge cache of 3D CPU. I have tried seeks on internet, but found nothing on that topics.... :-(((

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    Seeing your screenshot…this happens to me in my studio Pc too, but with Maschine. Same unhappy face :( telling me the Pc is being shut down. Since this Pc is not the newest, I always blame it. But now that I know your powerful PC does it too, I start thinking NI has something to do with it 😶

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    Make sure your PC is set on performance mode in the power settings.

    Check the standard Windows Wasapi shared driver. Try higher latency, if all fails try a clean Windows installation without manufacturer bloatware. You did not mention if you're using a USB hub, as some could provide trouble.

  • LostInFoundation
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    The crash is more serious than this. It literally shut down the computer. Seeing is screenshot, this should be the case. It’s not only a matter of “the program doesn’t work as intended” or “the audio goes off” or “the power from the usb is not enough for the controller” if it’s like my case. The whole computer crashes and gets shut down

  • Slothbeatz
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    First of all, Thank you all for the quick answers!

    I´ll try the things you all recommendet.

    I´ll probably also try a different USB-Hub , the one I´m currently using was not bought with having several DJ-hardware in mind.

    also @Kubrak thank you, I´m very satisfied with it :D

  • Kubrak
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    I would try it without any USB hub. It is good to reduce parts that may create problems to minimum. Also you may try just S2 and no F1.

    The less elements, the simpler isolation of troublesome element is...

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