Maschine+ thanks and big ups to NI!

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Would like to sum up my last 6 months with M+ in a very positive way. I am grateful for this instrument that fits so great in my backpack. I have spent many many passionate and deeply happy hours with M+ not only in my studio, but also in a train, or during some family weekends. I have learnt it quite fast with dedicated video tutorial series. I love the way how I am pushed into more simple musical thinking. It's a great relax from years and years of full throttle DAW work in Protools. I can do many things on M+. The device also looks great and is well built. So I am happy to be part of the NI community not only for using their plugins and instruments, but also for using M+. Thank you, NI team!

This one was created mainly on M+ during train journeys. Of course there was some daw completition and mix..

Yes, I have also dozens of comments, feature requests or bug reports, that I have been and will be posting without mercy. But it's point of the other posts..



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