What is your favourite Reaktor compressor and why?

tetsuneko Member Posts: 268 Pro

Title says it all. I am researching into compression in Reaktor, and would love to hear your experiences! Is there a specific ensemble you keep reaching for when making music? Or does everyone here use other plugins for their compression needs?



  • gentleclockdivider
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    Compressors and a decent TB303 emulator , those are the only things which imho have not been decently emulated in reaktor , strange becasue core allow to do it .

    That being said , my go to compressors are Fircomp2 , klanghelm dc8c , wil soon pickup dmgaudio trackcomp2 for vintage emulations

  • Paule
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    Flat Blaster from the factory library contains a light compressor and functions to master your tracks.

  • ExtraTesticle
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    L3V3LL3R in the user library is my #1 favorite. I use it on my Moog little phatty and other individual instruments to bring out the character a bit more in Mode I. I'll use it on voice in Mode II. It just sounds good.

    Two Knees in the main library is my other favorite for drums. You can completely change the tonality and balance of the entire kit before you get into EQing.

  • tetsuneko
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    Flat Blaster, L3V3LL3R and Two Knees.. great! This will get me started. Keep em coming if you got more folks!

  • colB
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  • tetsuneko
    tetsuneko Member Posts: 268 Pro

    uh-oh.. I'm getting analysis paralysis just staring that UI 😅

    but certainly warrants a mention, thank you!

  • colB
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    The DSP inside will be high end from Mr Lopez! but it's not an 'FX' more a mastering tool I suppose

  • tetsuneko
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    oh, compression can always be used as an effect. This one just has more parameters than perhaps any other I've seen is all

  • Laureano Lopez
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    I should revise that thing eventually... I rewrote it in C++ then continued developing that, so the Reaktor version is quite outdated, but if I port back all changes it would be a CPU hog, so I'll have to leave some out. The UI is of course horrible, it's a non-design 😁 The new one is just a tad better

    Now if even something this simple wasn't such a pain to make in Reaktor... 😪

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