Last two Native Access updates broke Guitar Rig Pro 5

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Yesterday, I kept getting errors with Guitar Rig Pro 5 going into demo mode.

Today, that's still broken, and no KK doesn't load anything up, no instruments, no one shots, no nothing.

My one and only hope is to restore my system using Time Machine to a date prior to these updates.

You've caused me nothing but problems to stick a body beta link to your website.

Thanks a bunch NI.

This is super annoying. ugh. There are pirates out there with working systems, and here is me, a paying customer, not being able to use the software I paid for because you break things constantly.

It's getting old NI, real old.


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  • LostInFoundation
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    You can install previous versions of NA, and I suggest it, since I agree latest versions are messed up.

    I’m still on version 1 and happy to be

  • LostInFoundation
    LostInFoundation Member Posts: 4,051 Expert

    And frankly, now I’m quite tired of having to solve users problems caused by this…

  • Oliseo
    Oliseo Member Posts: 6 Member

    Yep, used Time Machine to restore NA 3.2.0

    And sure enough, Guitar Rig Pro works fine again. As does everything else.

    Now I have to prevent NA from updating itself, because I'm sick to death of having to jump through all these hoops.

    It's super frustrating when you have clients work, and you end up looking like a right wally because it's showing as demo mode, when it's not.

    All morning wasted.

  • Oliseo
    Oliseo Member Posts: 6 Member

    And SERIOUSLY having BETA on final production software is absolutely out of the question.

    What are you thinking NI?

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Oliseo sorry for the problem. Please downgrade to an earlier version using this link below:

    Native Access Legacy Installers for Older Operating Systems

    Our team is aware of the issue with Guitar Rig 5 and is now working on a solution. Please keep an eye on our release note here.

  • Oliseo
    Oliseo Member Posts: 6 Member

    Cheers buddy. Apologies for flying off the handle like that. Was a really frustrating morning!!

    Yep, I can confer that going down to 3.2 fixed all my issues.

    Big reason why it's super important to anyone to use a backup system that you know works.

    All I did was go into Time Machine, and replace the from one from two weeks ago.

    Everything working.

  • brettc
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    This is completely unacceptable. It's hard to believe that we all spend thousands of dollars on this software only for it to be made obsolete by the company. I have hundreds of projects with Guitar Rig 5 on them and now I can't update Native Access because it will disable everything. You would think the Dev team would make Guitar Rig 6 work with Guitar Rig 5 or something would connect them for backward compatibility. I'm hoping a proper fix is coming soon. I want to upgrade to Guitar Rig 6 or the latest Komplete Ultimate, but this kind of ****** is definitely making me think twice about my investment in this company going forward.

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