Why not keeping SERVICE CENTER available for Legacy products?



  • Rich_NI
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    Hi @studeo74

    As made clear in the Service Center and Legacy Products End of Life article, we cannot offer activations via Service Center any more.

    The reason why is explained in the article, in the FAQ section:

    Why did Native Instruments decide to terminate the discontinued activation tool Service Center?

    Service Center was already replaced by Native Access in 2016. There was a clear urgency for us to discontinue it due to growing security concerns with the way data is being transmitted. The older technology we are currently relying on is impeding our complete move to an enterprise-grade user authorization service that offers state-of-the-art security features.

    Why did Native Instruments decide to remove the possibility to authorize legacy products?

    We have kept many of our older products operational and compatible with evolving operating systems and changes in our own ecosystem. At this point the effort required to uphold activation mechanisms for products that have been conceived and implemented more than ten years ago has already obstructed our path towards more modern ways of delivery and use. Major changes in operating systems like MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) have multiplied the issues for our activation processes. It is not possible to update our listed products to work on modern operating systems within reasonable effort.

    I'm sorry to say that in your case, on your old OS (which Apple themselves also no longer support), we cannot offer any support in activating your products.

    If you wish to activate your NI products, you would need to be running a minimum OS version of 10.9, although these days we would even recommend the minimum version to be 10.11.

  • Kubrak
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    @Rich_NI Why it is not possible to authorise Legacy SW at least using offline authorisation? Service Center allows that, so the only problem is on NI side.

    Is is really so difficult to make this authorisation path possible? I do not see any reason it would not be technically possible. Or issueing authorisation tool for EOL SW. NI would loose nothing if they allowed to use EOL plugins to all.

  • LostInFoundation
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    edited April 2023

    It’s not “not possible” nor “so difficult”. They just DON’T WANT and find excuses to justify it.

    I always guessed why the whole softwares industry allows Apple to behave like this (breaking compatibilities with every single new OS they make). In the end, yes…Apple is very strong, but I’m sure if the whole industry told them “if you behave like this, no one will make software for your computers” even the “Apple Goliath” would have changed their approach (people buy their computers cause they can do things on them. If their computers would have only Logic, Pages and Final Cut people wouldn’t buy them no matter how good these programs are). See the videogames segment. No player buys Apple’s computers cause no games developer makes games for Mac

    Now I know the answer. It’s a good excuse

  • studeo74
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    The difference between Apple, AVID and Native Instrument ?

    I don't need Apple support because I have the installer : a CD I bought, I own and I use without limitation + I downloaded the update package (up to the latest version OSX10.6.8)

    I don't need AVID for the same reasons.

    Native Instrument consciously, voluntarily forbids me to use the licence I own (I have the CD, the serial number certificate, even the invoice).

    This situation is simply unacceptable and an attempt to my rights. I have not received any notice from Native Instrument in ordre to prevent this situation.

    I remember when I bought KONTAKT 3. I called, I talked to someone in Germany. I had a real contact, with a smart and understanding person.

    These last days, I contacted the support many times, because my situation is really bad; but no solution was even discussed. Exchanging with the support made me feel like NI has become even worst than the largest international companies from a few decades back when the idea of "customer service/care" was just a silly idea.

    Even WAVES who did about the same than NI a few years ago made a gesture towards my situation and allowed me (as a commercial gesture/exception) to reinstall my GOLD and API suites. Of course it was possible... and easy. Just a matter of willingness, nothing more, nothing less.

  • LostInFoundation
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    Guys…we have to be DEPENDENT…nothing more, nothing less. Easy to understand, not so easy to accept (at least for me…people seems to be ok with this 😔)

  • Mutis
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    NI grow over real world hardware emulation.

    Now seems better to get real hardware and avoid computer emulations.

  • studeo74
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    I paid for a software on a DVD, in a box. A licence written on a paper.

    There is no reason why NI should have the right to interrupt the usage I have of this product, licence I bought from them.

  • studeo74
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    Even when products breaks too early, legals recognizes the situation as not acceptable.

  • MIDI Bear
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    "Should Native Instruments for whatever reasons no longer be able to fulfil its obligations to deliver the activation key, it will provide the Licensee with a key which ensures the continued use of the software independent of changes of the computer."

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