Beatport Playlist creation and editing. (In Traktor)

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I have started to use Traktor more for making Beatport Playlists and pre-listening to music.

Here is some workflow I have had good results with.

You can kind of edit your Beatport Playlists.

1. In your Traktor Playlists (not the Beatport ones) make a new Playlist.

2. Name it something close to your Playlist you are editing. (If you have a spot drag it to the Quick Playlists above the browser, so that the next step is easier.)

3. Go to the Beatport Playlist you want to edit. Select all tracks in the list. (Click the first track scroll down to last. Hold shift and click.)

4. Click and drag all files to the Traktor Playlist you made. Edit any you don't want out. Or add if you want to combine.

5. Once you are done, right click and select Upload to Beatport.

Now you can delete the old Playlist later, when on the Beatport mobile app or Desktop site. And use your new edited one instead. If you refresh Beatport the new playlist will show in your Beatport Playlists and in your Traktor Playlists.

Combining lists and editing them is pretty nice this way, but also I have found that clicking the little search 🔍 icon for Label, Artists, or even title, in the Beatport section while editing, browsing the Curated Playlists, or just a rabbit hole of searching,, can be quick for finding tracks also and easy to add to Traktor Playlists to upload and save.

Since I have Traktor on 3 computers this helps a lot. For quickly making and using Playlists without ever having to remember usb sticks.

It is a quick, fun, way to get some pretty nice playlists that work well together and some practice mixing.



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    Thanks a lot for sharing! Saw a round of threads about this so this is a great resource.

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