How to organise playlists by bpm or key and reposition tracks

Philip Payne
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Hi there, I''ve looked but can't see anything on this in particular. I spend so long having to re-organise playlists and thought there must be a simpler way of doing it. I have Traktor Pro 3

What I want to do is to be able to organise a playlist by key and then be able to reposition tracks in a specific order whilst having ordered them by pressing the 'key tab' .

Currently the only way you can move a track is by selecting the # tab which then brings all the songs out of key again into a random selection and I have to go through and manually select the different keys to get them in order.

Please help!!



  • Kubrak
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    Maybe there is better way, but this works..... (It seems to me it used to be possible to renumber songs in past, but maybe it was TP2 and it did not go to TP3, or I remember it wrongly...)

    1) Set empty preparation playlist.

    2) Sort given playlist by whatever you like.

    3) Go one by one track and add it to preparation list.

    You have resorted songs in preparation list.

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