Can I reload a sound without having to reload the whole group in Maschine?

mtamayo Member Posts: 35 Member

In Maschine is it possible to reload a sound to its saved state without having to reload the whole group to its saved state?

For example, I load an NI expansion Group preset that has a sound on each pad - If I make changes to one of those pads but don't like the result and just want to revert back to it's saved state to sound like when it was first loaded - can it be reloaded just for that one pad without changing the other pads? Because maybe I made changes on another pad that I do want to keep, so if I have to reload the whole group then I'd lose the changes on the pad I do want to keep.

For anyone familiar with the Elektron Rytm MkII, I'm referring to the same option on there that allows you to reload just one of the pads from the saved kit without reloading the entire kit.

A workaround I found is to just reload the Group on a second bank and then just copy over the one pad I want to reload, but it would be nice if you could just do so from within the same Group.


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