Maschine plus lost expansion

Rototo85 Member Posts: 17 Member

hi everybody I need help !

i lost all my expansions in my Maschine plus but still in my sd card I don t understand


  • tribepop
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    edited April 2023

    That’s odd, did you mess with the folder or files on the SD card in some way? What does it say under Libraries tab in the options, does it show any expansions as needing to be installed?

  • LostInFoundation
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  • Rototo85
    Rototo85 Member Posts: 17 Member

    I reset maschine plus and i format my sd card for download again all my expansions one oh them was failed so i ve bien in storage mode to reset all the folder in download folder and now the problème come again when i start maschine plus i Can see a litle white flash on the pads and After everything is Lost it s start to be anoying every week i ve got a New problème i try to contact native but nobody answer me ...😭

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Rototo85 I see my colleague already got back to you. Hopefully he can help finding the source of the issue.

  • Rototo85
    Rototo85 Member Posts: 17 Member

    We are working about but he juste ask me one answer a day it s will be long 🤔

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