Traktor writes wrong BPM to Audio File meta data tag, 1BPM out each time.

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Anyone else noticed this please? I have raised a case with NI but was told this is expected behaviour.

BPM shows fine in Traktor as it gets the BPM data from the database but if you inspect the file meta data or open the file in Apple Music App it will often show the wrong BPM, 1BPM out.

I organise my sets in Apple Music App and sort by BMP so this causes issues.

I believe Traktor is simply rounding up any BPM's to the nearest whole number when writing the tag to the file, i.e if the BPM of the track is 127.01 Traktor will make this 128.




  • nskcharles
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    I have noticed problems with BPMs in m4a files. After analyzing, beatgridding, etc, they will sometimes come up rounded to a whole number, which throws everything off.

  • ptmigmag
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    I'm having this problem too.

    What i think is happening is when you make any changes in Music App, since it does not work with centesimal values it will round up to nearest whole number.

    What i don't understand is if i set Traktor to never write tags to file why does it changes BPM even if the BPM tag is rounded. It should retreive the correct value from database.

  • Demus
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    I have been asking for this feature for years now. I guess NI thinks every track is a 4 on the floor. Let's see if it will be added with flexible beat grid.

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