Anyone know if Komplete Start has presets like the enclosed examples?

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Dear Everybody.

Right now, my Level of Expertise is 'Desperately Seeking Presets!' I don't really wanna spend hours creating my own sounds from scratch, I don't know enough to do it all quickly and most of my 'finished' presets suck anyway. Pretty sure the following 2 guys are using presets from SOMETHING - would Komplete Start (I know that's the freebie, just wanted to try before investing megabucks into something else I don't understand!) have backing/pad sounds like the following 2 examples (just the backing sounds, not the piano/panpipe thingy, got those sorted!)


Been after these sorta pads for YEARS, no idea where to find 'em but they were being used in 32-bit days, sounding virtually the same, so must be a library SOMEWHERE, no? (The eagle one above's FROM 32-bit days. I've got a 32-bit DAW, the only one I've ever understood. I'm HOPING if Komplete Start's got these sounds I can JBRIDGE it.)

I do understand ADSR, reverb and such - it's just when I try to make ones as good as the above from basic waveforms - nah. You try getting a pack of basic colours and painting a classical masterpiece. If you can do it, kudos. I'm afraid I'm more of a user than a creator!

Yours hopefully




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    Well no idea what Komplete Start has, but a beginners step would be to maybe utilise Komplete Kontrol which can browse presets for all NI (and many 3rd party) instruments, sel the filter for Pad and maybe "Dreamy" as the character and step through the presets. Each preset will have a preview sound before loading so would be fast to find something reasonably close, they just sound like typical generic 80s styled pads

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    Even if Komplete Start is the “freebie”, the instruments/effects that comes with it are the full versions (aka not limited in any way). The only “limit” is the number of plugins you’ll get.

    Therefore, inside those instruments, you’ll get access to the everything they can do, included all their presets

  • Chrisulrich
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    Dear LostInFoundation

    I had no idea the instruments/effects were the full versions - I just assumed they'd be incredibly limited to make you want to buy the full versions. Seemed logical that's how they'd do it. How wonderful you knowing that (spot the hidden NOOB typing this!!)

    And JesterMagee, I'd heard of Komplete Kontrol but had no idea what it was/did. Thankyou very much for enlightening me!

    Thankyou both for great answers.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Sounds like something you can achieve with Ethereal Earth and Space Drone (both in Komplete Start)?

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