9 for 99 - until 17th April

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NI have their 9 for 99 expansion sale up until 17th April:

I'm getting Global Shake, Caribbean Current, Crate Cuts, Lilac Glare, Velvet Lounge, but don't really know what else.

What are everyone else going for?



  • tom80
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    It seems clear to me that they've given up on Maschine. So I'll be spending my money elsewhere.

  • L.A.Taylor
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    had a listen to the expansions and I have some of them but just couldn't make it up to the 9 what was left etc got as far a 6 the rest were not my bag man , sorry NI will have to pass on the deal :(

  • PK The DJ
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    Why does it "seem clear"? Because they've got a special offer on expansions?

    FYI they've had the same deal in the past (I bought 18 expansions) and they released new expansions since.

    Unfortunately I can't take advantage this time because I already have all the expansions!

    It would be nice to have the same kind of offer on other products, even if they don't work on Maschine+

  • Tigersharc
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    I can't do the sale this year..... Seems out of all the expansions I haven't purchased, I only need 5 more. Of the five I would like to purchase, two don't qualify as being in the 9/$99 and they aren't even recent ones. They are way old.......Resonant Blaze and Paradise Rinse. They are not part of the sale....... correct me if I'm wrong but either way I will obtain the last five with a different sale later this year.

  • LostInFoundation
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    I think he is referring to other threads, not the special deal. As you said, this has been offered constantly in the last years

  • LostInFoundation
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    Not knowing what you already have, I’ll suggest you what I find “quality” expansions:

    Since you are interested in Caribbean current, probably you would love System Clash too. Crate Cuts goes very well with Faded Reels. And Aquarius Earth is also on the same spectrum (and probably one of my favorite…and maybe it will be yours too, if you like Dilla style). Soul Magic is a little gem. Infamous Flow if you liked Mobb Deep style back in the 90s. With Concrete Sun I hoped they would target something in the Nujabes field, but in facts it is quite different. Neo Boogie wasn’t really appealing to me, but I must admit it is of high quality and, even if it aims to a peculiar style, it can be used for something different, allowing you to stay in your style but with a different twist and not what we already heard around a million times. Sometimes using sounds designed for a purpose but in a different genre can create something fresh.

    And I stop here, or I will finish to name them all…😂. In the end, they are all good, and even if focused on a peculiar style, the quality of a beatmaker shows the difference even with the “wrong” material

  • Peter Harris
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    I'm in the same boat. I have all of them other than the two newest which aren't eligible and three that I'll get with my K14 upgrade.

    By the way, I strongly recommend Satin Looks and Soul Magic because they are both incredible compilations of styles from multiple decades. Really does a nice job filling out a collection with some really versatile beats.

    And FYI if you are into multi-sampled instruments in the expansions (they show up under Sounds), I think Marble Rims has the largest number of them.

  • Nightingale
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    As a Chinese user I have many questions :https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/11945/about-the-9-for-99-expansion-sale#latest

    Just as a consumer, I want to try different expansion packs to explore more possibilities,I want to buy eight of these but this campaign only allows me to buy the Second one

  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris Member Posts: 465 Pro

    The site usually hides ones which are not eligible for the promotion (Rare Vibrations) or that it thinks you already have based on ownership of existing products. Is it possible they're included in a version of Komplete you already own?

  • LostInFoundation
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    Another new video helping to make a choice:

  • Vocalpoint
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    I am usually very stoked about this annual sale but it's very clear that something has changed this year in that one can only choose from a VERY limited subset of expansions which in my case ends up being just 24 that are either 8 years old or focus on content that I really have no use for. (like seemingly endless hip hop vibes).

    In previous years - the entire library was open for selecting 9 and now it seems that door has closed.

    Hard pass here if I cannot even cobble together 9 that I might actually like/use.


  • Monochrome
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    Sale ends soon and I can't decide... 😅 Most of the Expansions (or genres) do not really appeal to me, so it all boils down to these ones so far:

    • Young Phantom
    • Satin Looks
    • Electric Touch
    • Sacred Futures
    • Certified Gold
    • Anima Ascent
    • Crate Cuts
    • Magnetic Coast
    • Lockdown Grind

    I'm just wondering if Young Phantom, Sacred Futures, Certified Gold and Lockdown Grind are different enough from each other since they're all trap and hip-hop related 🤔 Can somebody, who owns these four, confirm?

  • LostInFoundation
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    They are different. And in any case, the samples in them are different. So it’s more a “do I want/need more samples?”

  • Vocalpoint
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    Can't really comment on the physical makeup of these 9 packs you have listed - but for me - if I am not into the genre (and NI seems to be obsessed with making every pack a hiphop variant) there is no sale - even if it seems like a good deal.

    Ask yourself if you will actually use these after you buy. On the other hand -if it's a matter of FOMO - then I cannot comment.

    Sidenote: I do find a ton of the NI samples across all sorts of packs do sound very similar (if not the same). There are only so many 808 hihats or kicks out there in the world after a while.


  • Monochrome
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    @LostInFoundation Figured this would be the case. Imho, you can never have enough samples of different varieties, but your mileage may - of course - vary...

    @Vocalpoint Makes sense. In my case, it's not really about FOMO. I just want to widen my current repertoire without buying the exact same stuff. Know what I mean? 😅

    Thanks, you two - I appreciate your replies!

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