Native Access Updates Failing (PC)

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I am getting "Installation Failed" when trying to update Massive X and Komplete Control via the latest version of Native Access (3.2.2). No information is available as to why the installation is failing. Other updates were able to install with no issues.

I powered off/on the computer. No change. Running as Admin does not help.

Any ideas as to what I can look at to resolve the issue, or at least figure out why it is failing?



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  • chk071
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    Could be this:

    Solution: Search for virus definition updates for Defender. Open Windows Security Center in the task bar, click on Virus & threat protection, click on Virus & threat protection updates, and search for updates there. When you updated to the latest virus definitions, try to install Massive X and Komplete Kontrol again.

  • LSyracuse
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    @chk071That was it. False positive (at least I hope it was. lol)

    I already had the latest updates from Micro$oft, the only way I could install it was to turn off the virus and threat systems, then of course turn them back on.

    Thanks for the assist!


  • chk071
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    Glad it worked for you. Don't worry, it is a false positive indeed. 🙂 Defender had lots of issues, also with games, where it flagged harmless archives as the same malware.

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    This was a false positive from defender, yep.

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