Template or Configuration for Toontrack SD3 and EZD3

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Having used an E-Kit to play Superior Drummer 3 and EZ Drummer 3, I now have a Maschine 3 and I'd love to use that in "Controller" mode to trigger these programs.

If it's just a case of picking out drums and assigning note numbers to the M3 pads, fair enough, but if there were a "real" configuration or template that uses the full talents of the Maschine 3 with the Toontrack programs, I'd love to have it.

I've spent all day going through the forums here, and on Toontrack's site. I've also used Google to no avail. Is there any hope, or do I just settle for using Maschine as a replacement Korg mini pad ?



  • Peter Harris
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    Just go into keyboard mode and use the octave down button to go down to C1 and you should be able to play the pads from there.

  • 2pods
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    Thanks for your help.

    That's one way of doing it, I suppose.

    I think I was expecting something more involved, but maybe everyone's doing it like that ?

    I'm being spoiled by all these Machine expansions 😀

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  • 2pods
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    Again that's really handy, and I thankyou for finding it for me, but I was looking for a "complete " controller template or configuration.

    However, the one in the video lets me integrate directly with the Maschine software, so that's another way to do it.

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