About naming audio files for mapping them in Kontakt.

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I'm creating an instrument in Kontakt. I've recorded the audio files to map them, and everything is working correctly for the corresponding files from the C0 to C8 octaves.

I have named the files in this way, so Kontakt detects them correctly and maps them well:

  • alphapad_D#1.wav

However, I have named the files corresponding to the C-2 and C-1 octaves in the following way, and Kontakt does not map them, as it detects the negative symbol of the octave as a string separator:

  • alphapad_D#-1.wav

Does anyone know the correct way to name the files corresponding to C-2 and C-1 octaves so that Kontakt maps them correctly?

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    That was always a mystery to me. I did some digging and apparently midi note numbers should work. Don't ask me anything beyond that, because I don't know. 😎

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    I guess it's a bug that no-one has noticed over the last 20 years because it's unusual to want to automap samples down there.

    You could set up a new empty group, perhaps in a seperate instance of Kontakt, map your -1 samples there, drag them down 2 octaves, and cut and paste into the relevant group with the others. Probably wouldn't save a lot of time.

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