Problem with Samples in Remix Deck

DJ Short-Cut
DJ Short-Cut Member Posts: 12 Newcomer

Hi Guys! I have a question about my remix deck. Maybe you can help me here.

I control my remix deck (on deck d for me) with my Kontrol F1 in Traktor 3 Pro. It has happened to me several times now during my DJ set.

Some sample slots or even all sampe slots no longer react at some point.

They can no longer be triggered. Then i have to load in the saved remix deck again each time.

How i can avoid the error? Greetings from Germany! 



  • Mark_NI
    Mark_NI Customer Care Posts: 273 mod

    Hi @DJ Short-Cut,

    I am sorry to hear about the hassle! Does this occur with custom-made RMX sets or factory content? Have you updated your Traktor prior to the first time you experienced this behavior?

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