Sampler Loop overlapping/polyphonic question

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I'm building a simple sampler based on the the Sampler Loop module to eventually be part of a drum machine. I'm trying to nail down the behavior so that it 1: triggers for only one note , and 2: Is capable of overlapping. I'm trying to prevent samples from ceasing playback when they are retriggered.

Problem is that the Sel Gate is monophonic. If I use the regular gate I can make it poly (plus up the voice count) but I'm not sure how to limit it to being played by just one key.

Also, using the gate in poly mode, if I hit the same key it retriggers (which is undesirable). If I hit multiple keys it actually does trigger the way I want (overlapping), but then that requires a bunch of keys to be hit, when I just want the one.

I suspect I'm missing something fundamental about voice handling. Sorry for the noob question, any tips or guidance is appreciated!


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