East West Gold Library Problem

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I use East west for very long time. Suddelnly I want to reinstall it , in NativeAcess the Library Folder is notacceptet although the product ist correctly installed with the right number .



  • gerho
    gerho Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    exactly: System MAC OS 10.14. Native Access newest version. East Wets Orchestra Library . All other Instruments in Native Access correctly installed exept EastWest. trial to LOCATE the folder - failed. Although East West is correctly registrated with the number.

    Which Folder must be selected?

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Sorry for the trouble @gerho. A support team is on your case. Feel free to share with us here a solution once the issue is resolved. 🙏

  • Mark Wesse
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    I own the silver and gold....used them in a number of productions and they still great (and cost me a lot of money at the time).


    I now have some songs from those productions needing to be done live...not a problem except the old machines that had them on hard drive are long gone and cant find the original disks...only the frozen tracks on the mix

    They are still registered in my account but when I go to NA to download them, it only lets me add teh library...how can I get the original files?


    1. EastWest EWQLSO Gold Edition
    2. EastWest EWQLSO PRO XP Silver
    3. EastWest Storm Drum (Intakt Pl)
    4. EastWest Storm Drum (Kompakt Pl)

    I would like to reinstate a local backup for safe keeping

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