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I would like to see

  1. A hide feature, to hide plugins that I do not use nor want to see.
  2. Uninstall feature. The way we have to uninstall is ridiculous on a mac
  3. Allow us to choose which plugin format to install. IE VST3 only


  • Hayo_NI
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    Hey @Walnut. Thanks for the feedback. We read every bit of feedback that comes into the Native Access 2 feedback form, so some of these you're definitely not alone in wanting!

    Regarding Hide: It's an interesting feature that we want to implement, but it's not high on our list of priorities at the moment, so we'll find some time once we get the more urgent topics out of the way.

    Regarding Uninstall: agreed, manually uninstalling is ridiculous and we're way past due on making that a programmatic method. We've done the research to figure out what we need to do and created the UX for it, so right now we're just waiting for capacity to free up a bit. It's the next major topic we're picking up, likely shipping in Q2.

    Regarding choosing what plugin format to install: I've seen this request before as well. Unfortunately this feature requires a bit more work, and at this stage we have other things that we believe do more for our users. But we're never saying never! Just need to figure out a good way to design/scope this in collaboration with other product teams.

    Any feedback you may have, please continue to share it here! I love seeing what our users want and need!

    TTTOY Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I got to agree to @Walnut, that the installing of 3 different formats plus standalone just to deinstall most of it after should really not be a topic in 2023 .. Especially since it also has to be done after every update..

    I would love to choose my favorite single format and not waste space on SSDs..

    Just bought a new Macbook and thought to finally learn how other people do it, but ok, looking forward to have this issue gone in the future..


  • Walnut
    Walnut Member Posts: 33 Member

    Allow maschine expansions to be used in Kontakt. Update Native access so that was can uninstall content from there and also hide items as well. It would be nice to see them organized as well, for example maschine expansions, massive expansions etc. The way it is currently is better than what it was, but still not as organized as I would like!

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