Traktor 2.6.8 + HID (Pioneer NXS) - will it work? or use Traktor 3?

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I think the main question is in the title:

I've got a gig tonight - the venue has cdjs and a djm 900nxs thingy and havent been able to get turntables.

I usually play with DVS and I still use 2.6.8 - yes, i know. but i like it,i have years worth of playlists and it never fails me.


If i set it up with the 3 usb cables, will 2.6.8 work in HID mode. OR should I use Traktor 3.

OR should I use my timecode CDs so its basically like DVS (and if so then I only need one cable to the mixer right?)

Supplemental question! - If I do have to use Traktor 3, is there a way I can bring in Traktor 2's library without damaging it/overwriting labels etc?

Apologies in advance, I know the answer is to have been using T3 since forever but..well thats not where I am today with a gig in 6 hrs... thank you !


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    TP 2.6.8 is the best and most stable version of TP 2. If this is all you need, stick with it. You can import your TP 2 collection onto TP 3 if you need to. I never had any trouble with overwriting labels, but then i always have traktor save the info in the audio file tags themselves so they will automatically port after checking consistency.

    I have no answer for DVS since i am not a user.

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    I know right! People say im mad but it makes me happy (2.6.8)

    Fingers crossed on the HID. If not I've got the timecode cds. and backup rekordbox usbs so....

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    But for traktor pro 2 there was a stable version, this is version 2.9.0 for me,she just worked better, but it supported 32-bit and 64-bit, in version 2.0.3 there was a difference ,that other versions of traktor pro 2 and traktor pro 3 do not have this,when you moved the scratch, the pitch moved at the same time Well, the pitch-tеmp was moving up and down.

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    that's what I mean,

    well when you move the deck with the computer mouse and create a scratch and at the same time the picth runs up and down automatically

  • Vladyk _Dj
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    Well, as if he was moving the pitch with one hand and scratching with the other ,on the DJ console, and in this version it was realized that it was done with a computer mouse and it changed the sound of scratching.

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    Vlad my love, do you know you can edit your own post to add information?

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     Yes i know, a little uncomfortable, because the front text must be copied somewhere and edited and then inserted again.Why when i click to edit the text that text is completely removed from the field when i should be able to edit that text in that field, add words, sentences and save the changes. 

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    lol this thread took an unexpected direction.. :)

    I thought for posterity and in case it helps I'd tie off with a quick update what happened at the gig.

    HID did not work. Traktor saw the mixer as the sound card which was great but the CDJS - nah. I swear i did everything the videos said but i couldnt find the HID mode on the CDJS which I'm told is cos they didnt recognise a computer/software attached. IDK - dodgy cable, bad USB hub, or just my stupidity.

    I was gonna use my X1 but in the end i used the back up USBs I made in Rekordbox. TBH I can see why people use them when djing - my bag would have been a lot lighter! But I did miss loops and the better library mgmt.

    Anyhoo - to answer my own question..did it work. No. But it should have.

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