Column Title without Information Mix / Version in Beatport Link

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Hello All,

I have a question for all of you who use Beatport Link: Does anyone know how to switch the display of the lists in the Title column to the "usual" format "Title (Remix)"?

The example explains what I mean: Tracks once via Beatport Link, once locally (purchased). Is just, if there are different remixes, stupid to act.

So as generally usual the spelling title (remix) or only the title if it is not a version. This is done almost everywhere (DJ-City, Traxsource, even with "homebrewed" edits from Soundcloud etc.).

The column "Mix", in which Beatport Link returns the name of the mix of the track, but is so completely proprietary.

So that the mix is displayed at all with in the deck, I had to change now first the previous order (from top to bottom) Title, Artist, Album to Title-Mix-Artist.

This is not really nice.

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