Why is Maschine making all my project files enormous since I updated software last week?

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Hi guys, I have a problem currently since updating to the latest version of Maschine and the rest of my NI stuff last week. I have worked on two project files since then, and both have done this strange thing at some point during their working life. I save the file and initially its fine, same sort of file size as other projects I've done, so 10meg or thereabout. Then out of nowhere it jumps to 600Meg, then the previous one I worked on jumped to 5Gig.... loading them then takes an eternity obviously... but I can't figure out why it is doing this? Any suggestions? Its a Komplete pain in the arse.


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    Is that the question you had not already posted and had a dialog open for here:


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    Asked the question first and wasn't sure it had gone through, then posted as well. Whatever is the real cause of this is a pain in the butt though. Having to mess about like this and redo edits is annoying for sure, and unnecessary. An update to the NI Maschine / Battery software should be checked to be sure it doesn't produce this sort of rubbish when it goes live. Never had a problem like this in 10 years of using the software.

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    Closing this one since it's a duplicate.

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