New way to HPF echo/LPF echo

Dius Lucrii
Dius Lucrii Member Posts: 18 Member

Hi good people

I need some help got lot crasy and usefull maping on traktor only miss 2 important things so i not need by the RMX1000

Im maping and its done a HPF echo/LPF echo at least similar and the closes i have find was map Delay T3+Filter+Peak filter has all in 1 button and 1 Knob.

Now the HPF echo its good but the LPF echo only possible if i invert in the control manager the effect 2 selector (filter) but not work i like when i turn the knoob 1 and 3 goes up but 2 goes down.

Im mapping and testing to buy a Akai LPD8 that is more then enouth and maybe can be usefull to others

My Build traktor x1/f1/z1+pioneer flx sincro with ableton with jack Audio

Update:Its working now and the result its fantastic will soon out the mapping files



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