No audio after recording my MIDI device into Logic Pro X. Is it my input driver?

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I'm able to record my Maschine Mikro MK3 into logic, but there is no playback once I've recorded. I can't find a solution to this anywhere. Is it because there is no input device selected in my audio settings? If so, I can't change that for some reason. I don't have an audio interface because I thought this MIDI device would be enough. Am I mistaken?

I mapped out my device using Controller Editor and it all works. I'm just getting stuck here.

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    Hey @eboburrito The Mikro MK3 is only a controller for the Maschine software, it's not an audio interface. It will not affect audio in any way so it will be the same than without it.

    When you are recording the notes with the Mikro MK3 do you hear them?

    Have you followed this video?

    There shouldn't be the need for a special template or mapping in Controller Editor. What kind of mapping did you set up?

  • Jeremy_NI
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