Maschine 3rd party Plugins not showing up

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Hey guys, i know this topic has been beat to death but i cant find an answer to this particular problem. So i had my 3rd party plugins showing up no problem and have been using them since i got maschine a couple months ago and now some of the the plug-ins are not showing up.

They show up in prefernces under plug-ins but they dont show up when i press the + button in order to load up a plugin. Any idea what could be causing this? i restarted computer, re-scanned and nothing. Any other way to load them up if its a bug?



  • Jdubbs75
    Jdubbs75 Member Posts: 31 Member

    Edit: I figured it out. Under where you choose the + to choose a plugin you have to make sure you are on the sound tab and not master or group. Anyone get stuck like this, that is how you do it.

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