Has anyone else had an issue with instant downloads being declined?

Hello! I had traktor pro but it was downgraded to a free version of traktor with no effects. It now shows that I have three versions of the free Traktor. I went ahead and paid 50 bucks for the update and now it won't let me download it. It says declined but removed the cash from my account and says processing. Really hoped to download this tonight but now it looks like I won't be able to. Any idea what to do to speed this up? Thanks!


  • Uwe303
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    if you had traktor it will never be downgraded. What do you see in native access or online in your account under the "my products" page? If you bought the upgrade from traktor 2 to 3 it normally will be processed fast after the payment is cleared, maybe there is the issue, you said that the status is still "processing". Best is you contact native support only they can look into the details and maybe help, but it's weekend so you will have to wait till monday at least to get an answer from native.

  • Markovicz
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    Sorry for the late answer - I have been out for several weeks due to a health issue and came back in just recently (all good again BTW : ).

    Is the issue fixed or do you need further assistance?

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